areas of applicability

New construction, energy-efficient buildings 

Applied on new buildings, WFG technology has significant advantages over other glass technologies in terms of energy efficiency, increased comfort and acoustics, which leads to significant reduction in carbon emissions for the project and contribute significantly to achieve energy and climate goals. Using WFG results in more daylight and view (less need for shading), which improves productivity and makes WFG a perfect solution for high standard commercial (e.g. office, hotel) or residential buildings. Use of WFG also lowers peak loads in heating-cooling, which results in savings in construction cost in HVAC, leading to an attractive payback of WFG in this scenario.

Building renovations, energy retrofits
(with a new WFG facade)

WFG is an ideal solution for energy retrofits of existing buildings as it improves thermal comfort, energy consumption and acoustics. Replacing the existing facade with WFG can be especially beneficial for buildings with dark glazing, where WFG enables significant energy savings with a clearer glass, which has a positive aesthetic impact, provides better views, more daylight and productivity in the building. 


WFG is a real asset for such projects, because of their high proportion of glass and typically south orientation: WFG improves thermal comfort (more daylight and view because less need for shading), energy consumption and works as a solar water heater: it captures heat that can be used elsewhere in the house (e.g. for heating or hot water), which saves energy for the home even if the room itself is not used.

The construction of large glass surfaces with water panels multiplies the efficiency of the WFG technology for these types of buildings, so their use is highly recommended

Garden rooms/cabins 

WFG is a highly recommended system where the  buildings are small and prone to cool down fast (in winter) or overheat (in summer). This challenge makes WFG a real asset because it has a high thermal mass and has higher impact in smaller spaces. In addition to energy savings and comfort (more daylight and view with less shading), the solar water heater function of WFG operates here as well, which benefits the main building even when the garden room itself is not used.